Giveaway! Handmade soap from countrysoapsbymarlen

Imagine waking up  in the morning and going outside with your eleven children to milk the nanny  goats that live in your yard. From the milk you receive you make cheese, ice cream, and most importantly, soap! This is the life of TeamSNEAK member Marlene of countrysoapsbymarlen. She is giving away four bars of soap of your choice from her Etsy shop! Allergic to milk? No problem! Marlene makes milk-free soaps as well.

How did you first discover Etsy?

From some friends on hyena cart and my cousin who has a shop listed here. Overall, my experience with Etsy and my fellow sneakers has been a very positive moments in my life. On forums we talk about how to list items and critique listings even help with printer troubles. We’ve shared life’s ups and downs…recipes…the friendships are priceless to me.

Unscented Baby Goats Milk Soap

Unscented Baby Goats Milk Soap

What is your favorite thing about Sneak Attacks?

I love the chit-chat, the fast pace typing right at the end, friendships that I’ve made…it gets very addicting. My time on the internet is limited so I feel that the sneak attacks help me save time through the different shops that are “attacked”. I’ve only been “sneaking” since the end of April and already have made some memorable purchases. A first pair of shoes for the baby in our family, a soap dish that I use in some of my pictures on etsy, a shower gift for our first daughter in law.

Ginger Lime No Milk Soap

Ginger Lime No Milk Soap

Where do you look for inspiration?

All around me…it might be the changing seasons. I’m getting ready for upcoming fall holidays so pumpkin soap, pumpkin pie spice soap, apple soap and others are curing right now. During a recent convo on Etsy my fellow sneak attacker (parasox) talked about intense mosquitos in Canada so I used my lotion recipe and added citronella. After reading about different ingredients for shampoo bars and baking some bread, the idea of a honey wheat shampoo bar came to life. So I take different life experiences and use them to create my products. I’m very open to suggestions because everyone has different opinions and “noses”. This winter I’ll be working on my first wedding favors for our oldest son’s wedding.

Citronella Lotion

Citronella Lotion

To enter the give-away, visit countrysoapsbymarlen and pick a favorite item. Come back here and leave a comment with the link to your favorite item. Want more chances to win? Tweet about this give-away! Make sure to tweet @teamsneak. Leave a comment on the blog letting us know that you have tweeted. On Monday August 24 I will use to pick a number. The person who the comment that corresponds to the winning number will win four bars of soap from Marlene!



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52 responses to “Giveaway! Handmade soap from countrysoapsbymarlen

  1. Elephunk

    Its hard to pick just one favorite…but I love the idea of sandalwood soap:

  2. Elephunk

    I tweeted!

  3. Even though the listing says it’s a “feminine” scent, I like the white cherry blossom. Her other “flavors” are great too though.

  4. Soap! I love soap! Especially this soap. I have a bar of the chocolate almond soap and it smells amazing. Seriously fantastic.

  5. SillyStringsNThings

    Every thing in your shop looks yummy, but I think my favorite is –

  6. I love bath stuff!
    Girly soap!

  7. I have to say that this lotion would be perfect to keep in my knitting project bag.

  8. How do I pick just one!!!! This is my favorite, because I love variety.

    So far, I’ve enjoyed them all.

  9. I’m not sure what my favorite would be, but I think I’d love to try the White Cherry Blossom Goats Milk Soap:

  10. I will post a link to your giveaway tomorrow
    Feel free to post your new giveaways there in the future:)

  11. Marlene has beautiful presentation and variety. Probably my favorite would be the butterfly / orchid because I love most orchid scents (the sweet ones!).

  12. Lisa

    I’d love to try the Ginger Lime Goats Milk Soap, though all the items look so tempting! I also love the gift sets…something I could really use. Thanks for hosting.

  13. verveinteriors

    I’m intrigued by the Butterfly Orchid Shampoo Bar:

    We love love love Country’s soaps, and we’re almost out, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

  14. verveinteriors

    This was the third tweet of my life.

  15. Well, I was looking for the tomato soap because that would have been my favorite but after that it would have to be Oatmeal, Milk and Honey which I just LOVE!

  16. I simply adore her Pink Sugar Hand and Body Lotion. It is not greasy, and sinks in quickly. And it has the perfect scent! I love to put it on, and every once in a while, I catch the faint scent of it. I love it!
    However, she is sold out at the moment. I also love the Cinnamon Apple Goats Milk Soap. It smell wonderful, and lathers great!

  17. Eliane T.

    My favorite is the Chocolate Almond Goats Milk Soap. It looks so good!

  18. Alison

    I love the shape of the Butterfly Orchid 4 oz. butterfly soap, and it sounds like it smells great too!

    gemini5757 at

  19. I like the White Cherry Blossom Goat’s Milk Soap. Here’s the link:

  20. Julie I would like to try the Vanilla Goat’s Milk Soap

  21. ikkinlala

    May Canadians enter? My favourite item is the Rosemary Gardeners Goat’s milk soap ( – it’s nice to have options without synthetic fragrances.

  22. Tricia Z

    I would love to try the Pink Sugar Bath Bombs!
    Thanks so much!

    The Milk and Honey Shower Gel is great. It makes your skin so smooth and I love the fragrance. I feel squeaky clean after I use it.

  24. I tweeted Country’s shop and the blog.

  25. justjanesthings

    I think this one;

    and her butterfly soap is too cute

  26. Elaine R

    I would also like to try Pink Sugar Bath Bombs-the scent must be wonderful!

  27. Twittered! Twitted. Tweeted. Whatever it is, I did it!

  28. Kat c.

    I love the strawberry goats milk soap. here’s the link:

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  29. michiganhemp

    Oh my goodness…how do I pick just one??? I guess if I had to, it would be this one:

  30. Marcy

    I love Marlene’s soaps!!!! And I would love to try the coconut one since I love coconut. Yummy!!

  31. Nicky

    Marlene makes the best soaps!!! Its now the only soap we use in our house! Pumpkin spice is so soothing, coffee and citrus salt are such an invigorating great scrub and Cinnamon Apple just plan makes me happy to smell!

  32. Kim Bennett

    Would love to try any of Marlene’s soaps!

  33. Heather

    Ok my fave is not up that I see. But my all time fave bar soap from Marlene is the lavender EO soap!!!! Its soooo soothing on my senstive skin and sense I wear lavender EO as my “perfume” the scent suits me perfectly! 😀

    BUT since I can’t find it I am posting the link to another fave scent of mine white cherry blossom.

  34. I’ve tried many scents but my al time time favorite is still the chamomeille lavendar soap. We used bars of it wrapped with a ribbon around each bar for end of the year teacher and crossing guard thank you gifts last year and received many positive remarks on how wonderful it smelled.

  35. The White Cherry Blossom soap looks fabulous!

  36. the toasted coconut goat milk soap would be something I would love to try out~

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  37. I bought a bar of this soap last week and I have to admit it smells so good that it’s sitting out in my bathroom for now. I hope you can get more oil, this would be great mixed with your upcoming pumpkin!