August 6 Sneak Attack Report–BevsArtCreations, FaerieAcres, and HitTheLights

Laruefashions sponsored the August 6, 2009 Sneak Attack on BevsArtCreations, FaerieAcres, and HitTheLights. BevsArtCreations sells nature-themed art prints and got 4 sales from the attack. FaerieAcres sells scrapbook pages and kits. She got 3 sales from the attack. HitTheLights sells light switch and outlet covers. She got 6 sales from the attack. They agreed to be interviewed for this blog.

Celeste: What was your reaction when you first realized you’d been sneak attacked?

BevsArtCreations: At first when I saw 1 sale on my e-mail, I was blown away.I mean I had just created the site only a few days earlier and then bam a sale. How quickly this had happened, I thought. My heart was racing and then 3 successive sales followed and I almost passed out from excitement. It truly was one of the greatest feelings I’d ever had.It’s a very affirming feeling for an artist like me who had dragged her feet for months debating on sharing work on-line. And then trying to choose the “right” on-line shop for my personal needs. Then the sneak attack occurred a few days after I had chosen Etsy and it affirmed my decision that this on-line community was just right for me. Throughout the whole sneak attack adventure, I went through a gamut of emotions, but I think feeling so alive was one of the emotions I experienced. The fun-loving purpose behind the sneak attacks, which I learned later, is a wonderful approach for those of us just starting out. And the people who participated in the sneak attack and bought my work were sweet and loving. I felt instant support and their comments to me I’ll cherish always. They were the exact kinds of buyers I could only dream about. I felt laughter and joy bubbling inside of me. I felt a sense of belonging, which for me who can be quite introverted, feels quite good.

Red winged blackbird Art Print by BevsArtCreations

Red winged blackbird Art Print by BevsArtCreations

In time, I shall return the favor and join in a sneak-attack myself. Because the feeling is totally priceless and I would love others to experience the same feelings I did.

Some of my friends were also very impressed by the 4 sales that popped up right away. They congratulated me and that was affirming as well. And having sales looks so nice on my gallery site. I will definitely spread the word to my artist friends who are pondering an on-line shop. Hands down, Etsy wins.

Faerie Acres: I was tickled PINK when I was sneak attacked on my Etsy shop! It took a while for me to take the leap into selling my art and the fact that several items sold right away was very heart warming and confirmed my desire to put myself “out there” artistically speaking.

Memory-Journal Book Unique Hand-Crafted 6in by 8in Wire-Bound Book from Faerie Acres

Memory-Journal Book Unique Hand-Crafted 6in by 8in Wire-Bound Book from Faerie Acres

HitTheLights: I came home and checked my email and was shocked to see two sales! I then saw the email about the sneak attack and felt honoured to have been chosen. I was pleased with all the etsy sales I had that night.

Pirates of the Carribean Outlet Cover from HitTheLights

Pirates of the Carribean Outlet Cover from HitTheLights

Celeste: Is there anything else you would like our blog readers to know?

BevsArtCreations: Please stop by sometime and take a peek at my whimsical, fantasy paintings and photographs. If the creations bring a smile and maybe a little joy into the lives of the viewers, what more could I ask for? We need more childlike wonder in our lives, anyway, and I hope my shop accomplishes this I just began listing smaller sizes of my work into a new sections category so stay tuned for that. Also, I may be incorporating small cards in groups of 4 (from the bird series) into my gallery. They are always a hit at art fairs. I am always working on new paintings and creations, so please check back regularly. I am mulling the fall season approaching and will attempt to stock my store with at least a few images to welcome what this season represents to me.

A Joyful Heart digital collage from BevsArtCreations

A Joyful Heart digital collage from BevsArtCreations

Happy Creating and many hugs to Etsy and its community.
What a ride this is going to be!!!

Faerie Acres: I have been making things by hand since I was very young and at this point in my life if I don’t create every few days I get stressed! My goal is to eventually offer the service of customized memory books primarily made from fabric which incorporate the buyer’s mementos and photos. I love to make interactive and tactile books and with my recent love of photographing anything that moves it all seems to come together. My shop is in its infancy and will grow as time goes on so I ask shoppers to have patience and check me out as often as possible, you never know what goodies I have up my sleeve. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my shop and my art!

Do It Yourself Card Kit- Halloween Theme from Faerie Acres

HitTheLights: I’d like everyone to know that I do NOT use reproduced images on my switchplates and outlet covers – all are made from officially licensed stickers, tattoos, etc. (That’s something I get asked a lot even though I state it in all the listings). I also do custom orders!

Joker Lightswitch Cover from HitTheLights

Joker Lightswitch Cover from HitTheLights



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5 responses to “August 6 Sneak Attack Report–BevsArtCreations, FaerieAcres, and HitTheLights

  1. Well, I don’t know if I should comment here but just want to say thank you, Celeste for such a wonderful article. And to put two of my images on here was an added surprise. I like the images you chose, two of my recent creations that mark where I’m going with my art these days. So guess you could say I’m published now, so to speak, I’m getting a big head.

    Etsy continues to delight me with its tricks and treats, hey Halloween is coming after all.

    You made my day today. Now it’s time to go create!
    Love you sneak attackers and all the rest of the Etsy community.

  2. I would love to see cards in Bev’s shop!

  3. VintageEmbellishment

    When we saw the art in this shop it was a given that a Sneak Attack was going to happen…beautiful, beautiful art pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am so glad that you gave this interview! I have been wondering about you since the attack. You do such beautiful work, I almost couldn’t wait till the attack started to purchase my lizard print. I was so afraid that someone would sneak it out of my cart before I could get it paid for.

    You are a very kind person, with a lot of talent. I love the new work that you have done. I believe that you are getting better!

    Keep them coming, you will do great on Etsy!

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